Hadiku VC Overview

We support the investment that related with digital industry.

We seek new ways to use our unique resources to transform ideas, talents, and technologies into great company.

We are globally focused since good ideas and fresh perspective can emerge anywhere.

The digital business that we aim is focused at ecommerce business, new digital technology development include AI (artificial intelligence), and mobile apps startup.

A partner with common goals.

At Hadiku VC, we consider our investment company to be partners and we support their activities to secure future success. The Hadiku VC team brings global business experience, the deepest technical resources, and most importantly, a collaborative approach.

Our process uncovers our mutual strengths and common goals.

Hadiku VC is global investment company, our team conducts its own due diligence. When appropriate we leverage our company expertise in Asia and worldwide.

We make decision quickly and invest in companies that have potential to flourish with our helps. Our evaluation process includes:

1. We begin with the basic business plan, including an overview of the competitive marketplace, your technology, products, and long-term potential.

2. We work to establish dialogue between our groups. The more we talk, the more we can learn about our respective companies and find areas of mutual benefit.

What We Offer

Fund Investment

Management Support

Acceleration & Bootstrapping

Our Investment Range

Seed Level

Seed capital can be described as the capital necessary to start a company and to try to find product-market fit. We help the startup team in seed level; that have good ideas, innovation, and long-term potential to grow and establish their idea to the market.

Series A

 After the business has shown some of a track record, Series A funding is useful in optimizing product and user base. Opportunities may be taken to scale the product across different markets. In this round, it’s important to have a plan for developing a business model that will generate long-term profit.

1 Hour Skype Call Consultation With Hadiku VC Expertise.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

We provided skype call consultation with our expertise. Its helping the startup team or founder to know more about our company procedure, policy, and regulation.

The Consultation is including with your business "product, service, or idea" talks. So you will know the possibility to get funded by Hadiku Venture Capital, and how the procedure to get there.

The time availability is UTC/GMT +9

Monday-Friday @ 10 AM - 3PM.

We will select our company expertise that able to talk with you based from the time availability.

"Planting and growing a business is like growing a plant. You need to watering everyday, and treat them like your own son"

- Sam Hadiku -