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Hadiku is venture capital company that work helping and funding tech startup business in digital industry at seed level and series A. Hadiku funding focused in early-stage startup of e-commerce, new technology development "Artificial Intelligence", and mobile apps for android and apple platform. Hadiku not just helping with funding the startup; but helping to scale the business, management support, and accelerating the startup into the next level.  

What We Offer

Funding Investment

  Hadiku support fund investment for the tech startup at early stage “seed level”. We select the most fresh, innovative, & creative.

Management Support

Hadiku help the startup with the managerial support; to help them grow and bring them into the next level.

Acceleration & Bootstrapping

We help the startup to scaling their business with our acceleration & bootstrapping program; from mentoring to assistance.

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Co Founder

Sam "Hadiku"

Sam began his digital career in 2009, starting his businesses in building e-commerce store for clothing, the hosting-domain company, and the online furniture retail store.

Since 2009, Sam involved and engaged to build digital businesses in many model of industry and market.

He decided to build the venture capital company in 2017, with aiming to help startup that have a good idea of business and innovation, but lack in professional support. He raising the fund as first capital from his personal saving and supported by his close friends as investor and partners.

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"Idea is the first step of everything. Every billions dollar company start with just the idea, and after that they execute it and make the idea happen to be alive! Idea without execution is worthless. But the idea with execution is our futures and hopes." - Sam Hadiku -


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"Investment is not one side benefit. But two side; the benefit of the Investor and Investee.. and grow together!"

-Sam Hadiku-

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