Vertical Garden Adoption.

Vertical garden concept be more popular in recent past years; as the space in the city become more limited and more expensive and many people already understood what the importance’s of green space in their area.



So what is vertical garden? Vertical gardening is nothing more than using vertical space to grow plants and vegetables (or herbs, or flowers, even root crops). As long as you have blank wall or bare fence; you can adopt the vertical garden concept into your space. Maybe you need to do something to fix and setup it (depend on location, condition on situation); like setting up the light, or make your wall be strong enough to hold the weight of plant in your vertical garden, the moisture in wall, and etc.



I give you some tips to setting up the vertical garden into your space:

  • You need sunny wall space or enough light; if you planning plant it inside the building. You need to setup more than you do it in outside.
  • Make the high is reachable. If they are built too high, they can be difficult to maintain.
  • The support system must be strong enough to handle the weight of everything. You can setup and add the additional holder to hold the wall structure.
  • The supporting wall must be able to withstand a lot of moisture. You can use polyethylene cloth to create a vapor barrier along the back of your garden if this might be a concern.



I think the vertical garden concept is one of the most flexible and most forgiving gardening system; and like I said before, is easily to adopt without take much space; as long as you have empty wall space and bare fence.

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