The sister house concept.


Have you ever see the house that look alike built side by side? Yes, That is the sister house concept. Sister house build by the concept as a sister; its mean they have same characteristic and have same parent of line (typical) in design, facade, function, model, and even size.


I don’t know about the truth story of creation for this concept. But mostly of my client that ask to design and build the concept of “Sister House” is blood related like brother and sister; or parent that wanna build the house for their children. And to avoid the conflict between of them, the parent choose the house to be look alike in each other, and so they pick the sister house as the base concept.


So what the most important thing about the sister house concept? I’m not sure if there is a certain point or rule to make or design the sister house. That what I know is; as long as the house is typically same between each other in all of thing, then its be okay. Usually, I divided 1 plot of land to be 2 houses and mirroring them to look connected between each other. The function, room size, layout, characteristic, model and design is typically same. Even when the size of house is different between two of them; it didn’t change the similar concept or same typical and characteristic from the house itself.

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