The colony complex.


What is colony complex? colony complex is building complex that have similar model in each of building and connected to each other and located inside the complex area.


The colony complex use sharing complex facility like parking lot, park, swimming pool, sports center, and etc. So what the difference colony complex with others residential complex? The differences is because colony complex is connected between building to other building, and they have same model/design/size between each other. And the size of complex usually is not so big; compared to the normal residential complex. So that’s why Architect usually find this concept to adopt in smaller land plot to building residential complex.



So what the difference of colony complex with apartment complex or condominium? Apartment complex or condominium use the high to increasing the size of space inside the building, and more to be focused with interior space for living; but the colony complex is house typical and characteristic.  And usually just use 3-4 level maximum. So the building looks like house that connected to each others, and in the size of capacity is not big like apartment and condominium to accommodate more resident inside the complex.

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