Fact’s : Compact House Design

So in this post I want to share about facts in the compact house design. So, what is the compact house? Compact house is usually term for designing small house or compact. But it doesn’t mean the house is always in small size, compact doesn’t mean small.



Now, I will share 3 facts about compact house concept;

  1. Compact doesn’t mean small.

There is many people thinking if compact house must be in small size. That is not true, compact in here is more to be efficient. Every space used on the right purposes without any waste. Everything well managed in the right place, that is compact. So that’s why compact house design is always looking small. And many architect design it smaller than usual house. But some architect build and design compact house in bigger size too, as that is part of work for the efficiency of the land use and accommodating the living needs and functions. So compact design can be smaller and bigger depend on the efficiency perspective.


2. Compact design doesn’t mean cheaper.

People always choosing the compact design as it usually built in small size, and most of them think its mean cheaper. Because you don’t need to do bigger work for house construction. That’s why people assumed the compact house is more cheaper than other concept. But the way of think like that is wrong thinking. Because, the compact house its mean efficiency in the space use. Sure, you didn’t waste many process, material, development, and space that not worth to make and build. But because its efficient and that means you need to adopt many concept and system in one development and use some good quality material; and you still need to accommodating the needs of the people that living there and the space functions too. So it can be cheaper, and sometime it can be expensive. Its depend on many reason.


3. Compact design doesn’t mean simple design.

If you thinking the compact house is always in smaller box concept, that is wrong! The compact house can be simple design; based from the efficiency reason. But it can be more complicated, if the house needs to accommodate many functions and many needs. To make it efficiency but accommodating many needs and function; the house system and concept will be upgraded into the next level in design. And it will affecting house facade and appearance; and we can’t say it as a simple house concept anymore.


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