Ecological based concept.

design pict : Vincent Callebaut


Ecological based Architecture or Interior Design concept is spread fast around the world among the people in many regions; that’s all because the condition of our earth is in critical “endangered” now. And that all happens because growth of development is faster than what we can control; includes building development. So, many industry tried to introduce many concept that come from ecological based, includes Architecture and Interior Design.


So in here I want try to explain what is ecological based in Architecture and Interior Design point of view.



  1. Saving energy consumption.

Every matter in this world have energy that we consumed everyday. Includes electrical, even heat from the sun and breeze from the wind; that’s is energy. So mostly the Architecture design; work to reduce consumption of non renewable energy and change it / replace it to renewable energy.

2. Saving time of production.

When you build something you will cost more materials, cost more energy of human workers, cost more and cost more. So that’s why reducing time of production is included as one of categories of eco based in Architecture industry.

3. Replacing chemical materials with environment friendly materials.

Architect’s is environment destroyer. That’s my point of view, even when we doing as much as we can to build eco-based concept, we still destroying something. So at this point most architect’s tried to reducing the harm of environment surrounding with less chemical materials and use more environment friendly materials; that more suit on location and situation based from feasibility study that we done before construction process begin.

4. Considering the local goodness.

There is so many thing that will be affected in environment and people surround the building, even when we just build and construct one building only. From the culture, social, economic, and habit will be affected by our building. So personally I include this as a point in Eco based; considering the local goodness and make our building wouldn’t destroying the cultures, history, and any good things on local people surround the site. And tried to improve and give more benefit to local people and environment like increasing the economic level and etc.

5. Longevity and Duration of Building.

Each construction that we done will cause harm to many things, and cost materials and energies. So make the high longevity of building is included on one of point’s in eco based.

6. Recycle and Renewable Materials.

As there is so many materials that can’t be recycle and is not renewable. We tried to reduce the non renewable things with recycle friendly and renewable thing’s.


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