Custom made furniture for small house

Having small house that have problem in room layout or limited interior space sometime make you headache; to pick and choose the right furniture that fit with your space and accommodate the function that you needs.


This happen on this project, the house owner just buy the new house that built by housing developer company; and the house have very small space and limited size. So they have the difficulties to put furniture’s that already built and sell in furniture store, and with the bad room layout construction, the furniture didn’t fit with the size of space that they have. So they asking me to work and fix this problem.


On this post, I want to bit review one of my work ; designing, making, and fitting custom furniture for small house in residential complex.



Project Case : Design, Making and Fitting Custom Furniture For Small House Residential.

Budget : $8,000 – $11,000

Room Total : 5 room’s (foyer/guest area, living area, kitchen, main bedroom, children bedroom).

Project Type / Class : Budget Project.

Time Duration : 15 days (Design, Custom Furniture Making, Fitting).

Furniture Basic Material’s : Plywood + HPL

(High Pressure Laminate)


This house space is not so big, as this usually happen with small house in residential complex that have similar size, model and constructed by the house developer company.



So basically when you open the main door of the house, you will entering into one large space that have door connection to main bedroom, kid room, and stair to rooftop. The kitchen is inside on the area too. So I divided the space into 3 different space (foyer, living area, and kitchen), and make partition to differentiate the function between 3 space.


Idea of concept:

I already proposed different of concept and themes to the client, and they choose the simple modern contemporary concept that already modified; based from their culture, habit, and needs.



For foyer and living area, I choose and adopt “Black and White Concept”, as the space is not so big; so I propose to use white as main color; to give more larger space feeling and perspective. And black as the second color that we add into the space “because the owner love black color”, I add third color; wood for the living area and red color for the foyer; on the purpose as an accent / color neutralize and make the differentiation between the space function.

For kitchen area, as is connected to living area and foyer; I pick the same main color “white” for connecting the concept and idea. Second color, I pick brown as an accent or neutralize the white color domination.


I choose wood color for the main bedroom, as the owner already having bed with wood material, so I just use the same color with existing furniture. And pick white color on wall painting.


The kid bedroom I’m still use white as main color. Orange and blue as second color for an accent and color neutralizing.


Let’s review it based by the room function:


  1. Foyer / Guest Area.

As the owner is Asian, and he want to add some space to accept the guest in their house based from their culture; and they want to specialize make the space to accommodate that function only. So I try to convert the space that usually use as foyer to became guest area / space.


So basically as I already explained before, we divided one large space to be 3 different space with different function. So to make differentiation between guest area and living area; I make small aquarium as furniture partition “because the owner love to have aquarium”, and adding some cabinet space inside the furniture “aquarium”.



I make 2 small interior bench and fitted the length with space size; functioned for sitting / meeting place for guest and the house owner. And adding the cabinet bellow it with sliding door; to put some shoes, and other stuff.


For the coffee table; I choose the concept of adding 2 boxes “black and white” and and combine it became one furniture, and put some hidden cabinet in the boxes for magazine, newspaper and etc.


For wall decoration, the owner want to show some family pictures to their guest and want to put small decoration item, so I make hanging shelf to put the item that they want to put there.


2. Living space / area.



To make the differentiation on the space functioning, I choose wood parquet for flooring. And wood parquet give more warm feeling into the space; as the family will spend a lot of time in this space. The owner want to use their own existing sofabed in this room; and the color of their sofa is black and orange. So I just use the orange color of their own existing sofa as the accent in this space and focused myself to make black and white custom furniture only.



I create hanging shelf for wall decoration; to put some decor item on it, and make side table with white color lamination with square shape and smooth beveled side.



Because the house owner want to make the bookshelf that can accommodate another function as cabinet that can storage their golf stick and equipment, so I create multi function cabinet that meet the function that they needs into the space and install 2 LED lights on it.



To put TV in living area, I just use the left space “empty space” between main bedroom door with kid bedroom door; and make the multi function tv cabinet with back wall to hang the tv. I add some different space in back wall (drop); to hanging the tv and put some hidden LED Lights “Rolled System”.


3. Kitchen.

The kitchen space that created by the house developer company is very simple, and the owner didn’t want to change it; as they have limited budget and want to save more money. So I proposed to just filling and adding cabinet into the existing format of the kitchen that developer already built.



The kitchen type is letter L shape, So I just create hanging cabinet to storage many type of kitchenware, and filling the cabinet bellow the cooking place and sink; and make pulling cabinet system to storage plate, glass, cup and etc.



As the space is really small and limited, so I attach some mirror to reflecting the space for larger perspective purpose and add shelf to put some stuff.



And I make knock down system table that installed in other side of bar.


4. Main Bedroom.

The house owner want to use their own existing bed “wood material” inside the main bedroom, so I pick the wood lamination as based color in custom furniture that I made in here.



Another thing is they want to add tv cabinet and toiletries storage with mirror, so I create the furniture that fit with the size of the room. And pick darker and brighter wood combination to laminate the furniture.



And I create simple sliding wardrobe in the empty space between the room entrance door and private bathroom door; with fully mirror in one side of the sliding door that framed into 3 part.


6. Kid Bedroom.

This is the most troublesome side in this project; as they want to add many function in the room, but the room have very small size that I never ever saw before in my life (one of the mistake that usually happen when you buying house from housing developer company: bad room layout). 



So with very small and limited size (270 cm x 285 cm), but a a lot of needs/function need to accommodate into the space; so I make multi function furniture for fulfilling their needs and wishes. I choose custom bed for single person mattress 90 x 200 cm; that have other function as cabinet and storage.




So I make some table in the space; functioning as study table for their own kids, with hidden cabinet bellow it that used to storage the school bags. And put some hanging bookshelf on the wall.



For the wardrobe; I make wardrobe that adopt sliding door and pulling storage system, and attach mirror in one door side with framing style.



So the project done in time frame of 15 days; from designing, furniture making, and fitting the furniture.


If you have problems on your room layout, limited interior space, and can’t find the right furniture that fit with your space; the custom furniture is one of solution that you can adopt to solving the problems.

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