Commercial Design

Commercial design is very widely in range of concept. From commercial in retail until office. To understanding the commercial design; I will explain in here what is the commercial design exactly?



The differences between residential and commercial design?

While residential design focused in homes and commercial architect designer conceptualize space for business. This would includes; restaurant and retail space, offices, banks, theaters, hotels and lounges, hospitals, country clubs, spas, shopping malls, and everything in between.


Residential and commercial have different needs. Residential design about creating welcoming and livable for homeowners. Where the commercial design seeks to increase the functionality and elevate style for financial gain.



What does commercial architect actually do?

Commercial architects trained to prioritize functionally and safety without sacrificing style and aesthetic. For example; luxury hotels needs to accommodate certain guest to maximizing the profit value / income. But they don’t have more land for development and the hotels want to impress guest with good design and concept, luxury interior decoration and high end amenities; including spa, gym, sauna, outdoor spaces, pools, restaurant and bar. So, commercial architect need to resolve that with design/plan that meet with all needs without sacrificing style and aesthetic.


Commercial architect must have good knowledge’s in understanding the value and market that related with the design development from many concepts. Prioritizing the financial perspective and having good senses in making design that attract more people, following the current trends and developing unique idea and adoption into the concept of development; that is the strong point for commercial architects.

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