Bohemian inspired home décor ideas


The Bohemian decor is for those who want their house to have a free-spirited, gypsy-like nature that embraces the carefree, the relaxed and the unusual.


There are no set rules on what colors to use but the Bohemian tends to go for earthlier colors like gold, dark brown, mahogany and other colors in the same family palette.


The ultimate favorite for the Bohemian, is art, plants and patterns. The bolder the colors are, the more Bohemian the house looks. Colors like orange, purple, turquoise and red would look great on decorative items and wall art.



Patterned cushions, dream catchers, candles and feathers are another absolute necessity for the glamorous Bohemian house. Other items include ornate boxes, vintage bottles, maps, and mismatched china, and wooden furniture. The bohemian house should be able to tell a story, it should be creative and most of all it should have a warm & relaxed atmosphere.



Clash is your favorite word when it comes to Prints, Patterns and Art. Mixing different colors together is part of the Bohemian lifestyle. Warm colors tend to mesh well especially with cushions and curtains. Simple art on the wall could either be telling a story or showing the owner’s interest in various topics. What’s important in the Bohemian house is the free-spirited culture and each item should be able to show just that.



Beds are usually low and the bed sheets are tie dyed. Bohemians love different colors and textures and big paintings are an absolute favorite when it comes to bedrooms. Other rooms may have big paintings too, but the boho-chic definitely loves to have at least one in the bedroom.



Plants are another major thing in the Bohemian- style house, the plant is a symbol of life and with the free-spirited, nature-loving Bohemian, it’s not hard to understand the love for plants everywhere!  

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