5 tips to make a sustainable building.

Before we talks more about how to build the sustainable building. I want to explain little bit what is sustainable building? Based from wikipedia explanation; the sustainable concept is concept that seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space and the ecosystem. Sustainable concept uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the design of the built environment.



There is many kind and “option” type of building materials that you can choose and adopt to construct the sustainable building / house. As the explanation of sustainable above; we can understanding sustainable concept is not all about the full bamboo building or recycle material adopted into the buildings.


Its about how you can design the building that able to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space and the ecosystem. 



So in here I will explain about 5 tips how to make sustainable building;


  1. Learn and understanding the environmental situation.

Understanding and learn which area that you want to construct the building; its the commercial area, residential; or maybe in CBD (Central Business District); or maybe in industrial complex area. Learning about the environmental situation will give you many benefit for the next step, deciding what kind design that you want to pick, what material that you choose, and others benefit.


2. Choose the Architect that already experienced designing sustainable concept for the area of site.

As I said, there is so many kind of area that you must understand and learn before you deciding to put some plan to build something. And that’s why you must hire architect that already well known for designing sustainable building concept for the same specific area for your site. Designing sustainable building is not like designing other concept. For example: designing sustainable building in the middle of no where is different than designing sustainable building in residential area; and that’s different too for commercial area or CBD area. So pick the right Architect to work with is the most thing you should do, you can talk with your potential Architect and asking question regarding experiences, knowledge’s and other related thing; to making sure you work with the right person.



There is so many architects and peoples that didn’t know, about deciding the building is sustainable or not; you need to pass the criteria from energy use, materials, space development, environmental impact, and other thing. Is not just about adding some green into the building or plant tree everywhere and you can say that building is sustainable. You must understanding what all criteria for the sustainable building concept and need to pass it. (I will explain about it in another post)


4. Pick and choose materials carefully; and choose the one that easy to deliver to your site; without harming environment surround.

There is so many option for sustainable materials; from bamboo, recycle woods, and other thing. But you must know to bring some materials is not easy to some certain area, and is not just that; you must understanding the material condition. For example you can’t use the bamboo that not already to harvest yet, you must considering the ages of bamboo that you want to use, and you must know if the person who cutting the bamboo use the right method. Because many case, some people just cutting the bamboo without knowing the method, and causing the bamboo die and can’t growing anymore. And you must sure enough if the material is able to delivery to your site without harming the environment surround on the process.


5. Find out about space development, lifespan “longevity” of the materials (building), and cost / how to treatment it time by time.

Like I said, the sustainable building concept have different thing for design, build, and treat. There is so many kind of thing that will be affected by single or multiple reason inside the sustainable development or concept (for example; materials). The lifespan (longevity), space development, and cost / how to treatment the building is 3 factors that usually most important to know and understand.

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