5 tips before remodeling your house.

Did you planning to buy old house or you may already have it; and want to remodel it with the new design / facade / utilities ? I will share 5 tips before you start in remodeling works on your house.



  1. House Layout / Elevation / Technical Draw “Shopdrawing”.

Why you need the house layout? Because you need to understanding the structure and base foundation of your existed building. So you / your architect know how to remodeling your building based from your existed building, without destroying the whole building. And is cost-efficiency to do remodeling works.



Try to find or get the house existing layout and technical drawing for your building. If you don’t have the layout or the past owner didn’t have it, there is 2 option to get your house layout; 1. Visit the government office that work for building permit, usually they store the layout / technical drawing for every building that want to get the building permit, and show them if you are official owner of the building and need the existed layout for remodeling works. And make a copy of them. 2, If the first option didn’t work then you need to hire Architect / Civil Engineer to redrawing building layout, elevation, and technical drawing based from your existed building. But it wouldn’t be same 100% like the original layout / draw. At least they will drawing the big point that you need to know for your remodeling plan.



2. Knowing your budget and specific working area.

Remodeling the house sometime can be more expensive than build the new one. That’s why you must knowing your budget and knowing what specific area in your house that you want to remodel, with knowing both of it; you will understanding how much the expenses for the work that you need to pay and you will save many thing on the working process; like energy, money, and time.



3. Build and design based from your existing structure.

Don’t change the existed structure. Just remodeled the house based from that, you can changing the wall position but don’t destroy the structure pillar that holding your building foundation. If you really need to move the pillar, just talk with your architect and civil engineer first. And make sure before you remove the pillar, you already adding the new pillar that holding certain weight point from the pillar that you want to remove.



4. Changing building materials or fixing some part doesn’t mean you need to change your whole structure.

Understanding this point will give more benefit to you, like remodeling your house facade to look different, it didn’t affecting to your house structure. You just adding/remove/change the decoration of your exterior design. Many way to remodeling your house into different concept’s and theme’s without costing much money like you do when you changing the structure / house foundation. Even when you want to fix some part in your house foundation “structure” like strengthening, or etc, you didn’t need to work on the whole things. That’s why you need to consult and ask your Architect / Civil Engineer carefully about your remodeling plan. There is many way to fixing some part in your house “depend on case” that will help you saving money and time.



5. Don’t do it by yourself.

D.I.Y. is the new trend, everyone build their own themself. But is different if you plan to remodelling your house. You need professional to work for you, to calculating the possibility for you, to designing the new model for you. Everything need to be done carefully and properly. Your house is the place for you and your family will spend most of times, so that’s why you must ensure the safety on process or after process.

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