5 thing’s to choose good multifunction furniture.

The city development around the world growing fast since early 2000. The land space in the city became more expensive and limited; more high skyscraper built to fill the residential demands.  The solution to afford and accommodate the needs of residential become more popular, and the multifunction furniture is one of them.


At this time, I want to talk and give little explanation about multifunction furniture. What is multifunction furniture? Multifunction furniture is furniture that can accommodate more than one function. For example; like bed that have other function as cabinet, and other kind of furniture that have multiple function.


Oh yeah, I want to share about 5 things to choose good multifunction furniture. See the criteria bellow;


  1. The furniture that have specific main function.

Many industry already developed many kind and type of multi function furniture. Even one furniture can accommodate 5 function and more. Before you buy the multi function furniture, please choose the furniture that have specific main function and that specific function is the function what you need. For example, you need a bed; then you can buy bed that have another function that pretty useful for you / will help you in your space management.


2. The quality of furniture that can last at least 10 years.

Have the furniture that can afford many function is really useful. Especially, if you living in the city center and have limited space for your residential. But it will turn to be opposite, if the furniture that you buy (choose) can’t last longer or just have short lifespan; and every year you need to buy the new one and looking the same thing, because you need the furniture that can accommodate the existing function. So please buy the multi function furniture that have good materials and durability.


3. Buy the furniture based from the concept of interior decoration.

Many of this case happen on my client, because the owner didn’t choose the furniture based from many perspective, but they just choose it only to fill demand of the function only. For case example; you are just moving to your new place, then you need to buy cabinet that have other function as table. Then you just rush to buy that without concerning the color, model, and even the size that more compatible with your space! Later, when you realize you want to make proper decoration in the specific concept and themes; and the case happen when your furniture is not match with the concept, so you don’t have a choice than to change it with the new one. So please consider many thing before you buy it.


4. Do the right thing in space management.

Before you buy something, you must understand your space and how to manage it. So please consider any furniture that you want (need to buy) based from your space management perspective. Even if you on difficulty to find the right one, there is many vendors that able to create custom furniture that fit your space.


5. Buy the furniture that have long warranty.

Here the other most important factors, you need to choose the furniture that have long warranty. You must making sure if there is something happen in future that not totally your fault; the vendor will take responsibility during the warranty period. So if they offered long warranty period, that’s mean the product have good enough in quality.


That 5 criteria above is the most common thing that you need to understand before deciding buy multifunction furniture.



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