5 steps to start your residential development company.

Did you have small land between 5000m2 – 10,000m2 ? And you confused how to make more money from it? Why not you start to build your own developer / property company?



In here I will share 5 steps how you manage to converting your small land to be property company;



  1. Talk with your architect.

Talk with your architect for possibilities to developing your land for commercial purposes. Your architect will surveying your site and offer you some possibilities in concepts and type of developments. Find the suitable one, with lowest of development expenses but having market value.


2. Registering your own company, build media promotion like website, social media page, and etc.

The second step, after you discussed with your architects. You need to registering your own company to do legal trading / property development. And preparing the website, social media page, advertising, and marketing strategy to promote and selling your residential.


3. Development funding.

You need the development funding, you can start from lowest capital as possible as you can. And you can get funding from your own saving, raising from families or relatives or your networks, or you can asking loan from bank to start. In my experiences as Architect, and working with many startup property or open minded peoples; you didn’t need all capital for the whole development. As long as you can start with the simplest step and selling your idea of development to public; then you can run it pretty well, or you just build one sample house / building for house tour / marketing purposes. And even you can working together with many bank that open for partnership to giving the loan to your potential buyer. There is many way to get the funding, as long as you officially have a land. And there is no problem with your land ownership.


4.Obtain the development permit / building permit / construction permit.

When you already have the design from your architect; like the master plan of your idea development, 3D, technical drawing, mep, and etc. Now is step for you to get the permit for development / building / construction. Just bring the require design / plan and prepare the document that local authority ask you and get the permit for your development.


5. Start the early step of development and start selling.

Let’s start the development with minimum works; you can start from soil compaction, making a road, make fence around your land or just build the sample house to show if your project is start / begin in the site. And now is your time start to work selling the house/property to public.



To starting your property / development company seems look complicated. But if you done it step by step this is not really complicated like what you thinking. If you have a land that meet the minimum requirement, just considering the 5 step that I share in here and do it.

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