5 step how to efficiency space of your bedroom.

Bedroom is room that really important in every house. It’s a place for you to taking rest, nap, or sleep; and mostly we spend our time inside a house in the bedroom.



The most function of bedroom is for taking rest, mostly people tend to choose the bright, relaxed, and comfort decoration that able to make them relax when inside the room and give more energy in the morning when they wake up.


Is very important to design and decorate your bedroom with carefully and considering the room function, priority, space, item positioning, colors and theme to pick.


Now in here, I want to specific explain about 5 step how to make your room be more efficient;


  1. Understanding the measurement and your room layout.

it’s important to know about your room characteristic. Every room have their own characteristic. The mean of characteristic in here is about the room measurement and model. Like length, width, and model of your room; like square, parallelogram, and etc.

Just draw it as simple layout and take measurement like length, width, high (from floor to ceiling). After finished this, you will better knowing about characteristic of your room. So maybe you already get some clear idea what you wanna do with your room decoration and how to make that happen.


2. Pick the bright color.

Color is the most  and something important in the decoration. Color can help many thing in the room decoration; like increasing the mood from what the target of room function itself, make camouflage to create the different point of view, creating the theme / concept of decoration, and etc.

And “Bright” color is tend to make view of the room itself be spacious. Your point of view for the room will change; even the actual size of room will never change just because you pick bright color for your room. But, your eyes tend to see it look be more spacious than before. Its one of the secret for Interior Decorator or Designer to handle the room with small size.


3. Make the walking space minimum 100cm / 3.3feet.

Small size room is like common problem for interior designer / decorator, the problem will be more worst if there is so many wish, item, function that client requested to add in the room. As the size logically is not enough to accommodate all of them. So that’s why there is so many evolution in the furniture that can accommodate many function; like bed (not just place for sleep/rest, but can be storage, cabinet, and etc), and because of that the evolution create more of new themes and concept in decoration and interior design recently.

And with the furniture that able to accommodate multiple function, we “interior designer” can create more free space / walking space to get room be more spacious. Usually we make it be 100cm / 3.3 feet for the minimum of size. At worst point sometime 80 cm / 2.6feet is accepted as minimum length. But personally I’m not recommended it, as 80cm / 2.6 feet is 1 person size. So just make it 100cm / 3.3 feet as standard if you want get more spacious size.


4. Use multiple function “functional” item / furniture.

As I already explained above, the multiple function “functional” furniture is really helpful to make room spacious, especially for small size room.

So if you feeling you are need to make your bedroom be spacious, but you only have small size room or limited dimension for your room. Then, the multiple function “functional” furniture is your best option and choice.


5. Pick clear 1 concept and themes.

One from many of problems that I meet as Interior Designer in bedroom design work is many of people didn’t clear enough which concept that they want to pick and adopt in their room. They still keeping unmatched item with the concept and themes in their room. And that is the core problem that makes difficult to make room be more spacious. As you didn’t know and clear enough what the concept that you want to adopt. So pick 1 concept/theme for your room, it can make your head clear enough about which item/furniture that you want to keep and which that not.

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