5 Mistakes designing box house.

Knowing the mistakes that happen when you plan to design / build box house concept, will give you more benefit; So you can work and share your knowledge’s with your Architect to avoid the mistake happen on your projects.


Here, I will share you 5 mistakes that usually happen when you designing box house concept:


  1. Sun position.

Beware with this, you must understanding the sun position carefully in period of timeline during the day. You must see the position of sun in the morning, midday, and afternoon; and what the effect at that time period into the site location. Many of failed project’s that I saw on the street, is happen because they didn’t carefully to consider the sun position. Doesn’t matter how good looking / eye catching design that you do, if you careless about this; there will be many problems appear into the house.


2. Environment situation.

You just can’t build box house with fully glasses with open concept in the area that have big crime rate! or you can’t design box house with fully glasses in the area nearby with very active volcanic mountain! Understanding the environment situation is the best way to choose what concept that you want to adopt, even you insist to adopt the concept that have high potentially risk by the environment situation; you can prevent it by add or modified inside the design and concept.


3. Material Selection.

I saw many project of Box house that have many problem in their material selection. As to building box house you must understanding which part of house; that you need (must) use in best quality material “1st quality” that you can’t change “exact material” and which other part that can be use by 2nd / 3rd quality material or use the substitute material. Understanding this will minimize the problem that may appear into your house in the future.


4. Roof Leaking and Rain Water Management.

Almost 25% box house project’s that I see on the street have this common problem; roof leaking, and have pretty bad rain water management system that may cause flood in some part, or another problem that may arise because this thing. Have good rain water management, understanding the balance of leveling system in structure or layer of building, and prepared to face this kind of problem in the building system; will helping you to make proper box house.


5. Problem in space management.

Having cubical based structure like box house will be easier to manage the space, that’s what most people thinking. At some point, there is some house box owner / resident that fail to manage their own space. Why? because managing space based from cubical dimension, must understanding first and clear with the space function that they want to make; manage it with good layout management and proper proportion into the space.



There is many other thing the problem that may appear when you build / plan to build the box house concept. Wish this post will give some point to be add on your plan.

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