4 Factors to deciding the decoration budget!


Budgeting is very one of crucial matter when you working on decoration. Because so many variant and range of item price from $1 to couple thousand $ and even more. Usually the interior designer will give you cost estimation including the shoplist; that based from your budget range.


So in here I want to share 4 factors to consider before you set up your decoration budget.


  1. Room function.

Every room have their own function. Sometime, one room is only have 1 function or even multiple function. Knowing the function of room that you want to create is the basic thing before you start the decoration. With knowing the room function; you already know what and which item / furniture that you want to add. From that point you can count and do little research about the price of the item and can make the cost estimation for budgeting. Of course the budget will not going exactly same when you done the decoration process, as the adjustment will appear on this and that. That’s why mostly Interior Designer asking you not exactly amount of budget but the range of your budget. Because when we doing the process of decoration; it will adjust from what we planned. Because there is so many factors and conditions that may appear on the process.


2. Theme and concept.

Deciding room concept and theme, to make your budget range is one of the easiest way. Interior designer will tend to pick and select the item that related from theme and concept. So theme and concept will absolutely decide how much the decoration will cost you. For example; classical concept usually is more expensive than the minimalist or modern / contemporary concept. The item prices for classical concept like french style and etc will price higher than the item price in minimalist style item.


3. Your personal economic condition.

This is what mostly client decide to pick how much their budget range; based from their personal condition. Somebody wouldn’t pick more than what they have, because they can’t afford it. So understanding your situation and see how much percentage of your personal saving that you will spend decorate your room / house.


4. Your location situation and condition.

This will affect the cost of decoration, because your location is not easy reachable or maybe bit distant from what you need. So it will cost you more money than people that live in other areas. So considering your place and location its very helpful to decide the budget range that you want to set up.


Maybe there is other factors that not yet I include it in this post; but the factors above is usually factors that help you decide or set up your decoration budget.

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