10 reason why you should hire architect; not the 3D artist?

Holla, in recent past years architecture and interior design industry already changed. I never drawing with my hand again, even for making simple layout. I just remember how long I trained myself to make straight line. now? I’m not use that kind of skill anymore. Everything use CAD (Computer Aid Design), from simple layout to 3D imaging for client presentation. I just wonder, how many people can learn about the software ability even they didn’t attend the school / college / university to became architect. Many people able learn and use software like 3Ds Max, Sketchup, and etc; and able to producing high quality design or photo-realistic image.



In here I give you 10 reason why you should hire architect, not the 3D artist?


  1. Knowledge’s about architecture.

Even they can producing high quality photo-realistic image, they not Architect. They didn’t go to college everyday; from morning to afternoon, to learn foundation about architecture, how make proper building, layout, calculation, and etc. So what you expect from 3D artist is like painter in modern day. You just tell him to make beautiful painting of house. But they even didn’t know how to make proper frame for window and door, and how count the structure calculation for your house, or how make design that not just eye catching but can be implemented in real world.


2. Architect attitude’s.

Became architect is not just job in short time, part time, or just one / two time job position; it’s take your whole life to be full time architect. Architect is full time passion, profession, position, lifestyle, and everything. So why we call it ourselves and recognizes as professional. So what the importance of architect attitude’s? Let me give you an example; like how we handling the project, client, and design. We already practicing practical work on project, visiting site, handle client, assist the contractor; since we’re still study in university / college. I’m not sure how many project’s that 40 years old architect already handled? maybe hundreds or thousands! yes, not all architect have same experiences. But as good architect, you will take full time pledge in your life to be an architect.


3. Understanding technical drawing.

Yeah you can be 3D artist or modeler by watching youtube tutorials or learn it from short course. But you wouldn’t understanding the technical drawing! Even you are already able make 3d modelling without go to take Architecture Discipline in University or relative major. How reading and making about level, elevation, drawing technical layout, legend drawing symbol, front view and etc with proper? So that’s why you need hire architect if you not just want 3D painter a.k.a artist make painting for you; but you need the real architect that able make and designing your house properly; because you want make it happen right? not just an image.


4. Building material’s and quality.

3D artist can attach all material’s in their design, but they didn’t know about material specification, quality, and how to adopt or implement it in the real situation. Even they didn’t know how to install it! So how do you think now? did you want hire 3D artist to design your house or hire real architect?


5. Pre-Design.

Pre-design is phase of analysis before plan to design something. In architecture, we have many technical thing’s to do in pre-design. One of them is Feasibility study, we do research about the site location, condition, and environment before we start to design. Testing the water, the soil composition, the ecological of site, and many other thing. So we don’t have any problem when doing the design or construction process to build the building. So did 3D artist learn about pre-design thing?


6. Assist in Building process.

Mostly all architect want to make all their ideas happen. That why we not just drawing but designing. We properly and carefully doing the design process; calculating many thing, thinking about material option and etc. So when the building process start; we can assist contractor / builder to make the building like what we design, and is easy too for contractor / builder to work with us (done the project); as we already make proper design and calculate many thing on the process to minimize mistake and revision.


7. Calculation and system implementation.

Architecture world is huge, the system too have many variant. Doing right calculation and right system implementation is not easy to do. From M.E.P. system (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) and Structure system, so if you hire real architect it will be easy to do the coordination between your architect and your MEP and Civil Engineer. And the project will be easier to done.


8. Minor condition.

As architect, we already learn many thing related the architecture. We learn about urban planning, calculation, landscape, interior design and many thing. So even you have minor condition, usually architect will help you and assist you do the right thing to do. Like we doing some landscape for your yard, or interior designing your house, and other.


9. You pay equal with what you get.

Mostly case that I heard, house design by 3D artist is lower than hire architect. That’s why most people choose 3D artist, but yeah you will get equal with what you pay. Many client case that I heard and know, usually takes more money / cost than what they expect. Because they need to fix many thing in technical drawing, revision the modelling, mep drawing, structure, and etc. Mostly the cheap price that 3D artist charge, will cost you multiple times than you hire real architect; when you calculate it in the end of project.


10. Assistance and consultation.

This was the biggest part that will affecting your project. You can’t get good quality assistance and consultation while on the design process. How you can consult and assist to the 3D artist about the foundation that they even didn’t learn properly? So on the process of designing you will get less of consultation and assistance than you hire real architect.


Wish this post can give you more knowledge “why you should hire real architect?” than giving the job to great 3D artist to designing your house.

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