10 categories of healthy building / house.

Maybe you always asking what kind of healthy building? or what categories that make the healthy building / house?


Here, I will explain 10 categories that describe healthy building / house from my point of view as Interior-Architect:


  1. Have good construction (structure).

This category is one of the most important thing, if you don’t have good construction; you will just get disappointed when knowing there is a problem on your building / house after 1 year or 6 months you used it. And it will cost you more than what you expect to maintain and fix that. Why? because repairing or fixing something that didn’t good enough as basic foundation will takes forever. You will repair in this side, and in other side the other problem appear, and it’s gonna be like that all the time.


2. Have specific function that meet what your needs.

To use some space that not located on the same function from what they made for, that it’s not healthy. Why? because Architect already setting up that to meet or fill the specific function. Like office building transformed to be residential building, or the opposite. Even you hired interior designer to modified the space to work on your needs; the space will be not accommodate your needs or the function at some certain points.


3. Have good air circulation.

This one is health related matter. Mostly people do activity almost 70% everyday inside the building. And without good air circulation inside the building; maybe the health problem will appear. And even not just that; the condition inside the building will be rooted by the time and can’t last long.


4. Have good proportion on the space / layout.

What is good proportion on the space / layout? every space have to accommodate the composition from walking space, free space / breathing space, functioning space, and etc. So, the healthy building must have good proportion on this and allocate the right percentage of all of them into the space.


5. Good M.E.P. management.

Each building must have good MEP planning and management. MEP is mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. So when there is something happen / problems appear; you will know and easy to find out which area to fix and not cause so much trouble more than that problem itself.


6. Good waste management system.

Each building will produce waste every day as there is human living / doing  activity on it. So providing good waste management system is one of the important point to decide if the building / house is healthy or not.


7. Reach able by the sunlight.

Sunlight is the natural light that produced by our sun; and is one of unlimited light source that we can use. As human is be more healthy to receive sunlight to their skin at some certain points, and it will reducing electrical consumption too at the day. So one of the category healthy building / house is reachable by sunlight to come to inside the space.


8. Have green space / Oxygen area.

At rapid development in modern day like today; is so difficult to have more space (larger space) for our building/house. Especially in the city center. But with the technology that we have today and the knowledge too; there is many way to create green space or I call it with “Oxygen area”. The proportion of the building and the green space must be carefully to be consider. As our earth condition now; and the minimum of green space in the city. So, to have one at your property is one of the must thing to do, as you want to create the healthy building / house. And it helps many factors from your health to relaxing atmosphere.


9. Didn’t causing bad impact to environment surround.

Before you build your building / house, you need to understand and know the environment surround; what the kind of people typically living on the area, the culture, the habit, the condition and situation, the nature and environment. And if you construct the building / house there; there is an impact or not? you must to find out first. And don’t make the building; if that causing bad impact to them. You need to work on it first before the construction begin. We call it the feasibility study; to learn about environment surround before to plan to build something. So the healthy building / house; is one that didn’t have any bad impact to environment surround.


10. Have a good system to face the unconditional nature situation.

As you know there is so many problems in the city all over the world; that suffered many resident or citizen. One of them is flooding, extreme weather situation, and etc. So making building / house that have the system / planned to face that kind of situation; is one of the healthy building / house category.


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