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House is something that more precious than just building that helping you cover from rain and sun heat.


Many function can be accommodate inside your house. From the place to entertain you, the place for you rest after busy day, the place when you spend your time with your dear family member, the place can be functioning to be your working space too, your personal library, your own restaurant to serving your own food from your cooking skill, your own gym space, your own little park, and many others.


And not just function, the house can represent about the personality who living inside it, helping increase the mood for the people on specific function that you set in each room in the house; by the right decoration, color selection, furniture placement, stuff selection, right layout and others. And many others thing in your house that can make you love to spend more time with your family. The house is not just simple building that covered you from rain and heat.


So make your dream house with us, we will helping you to solving your problem and make your dream come true to build perfect house; from interior designing to architecture design. Let your dream handle by professional and we will work together with you to make it real!










Contact us and let me know your problem in interior design and architecture works. So will let you know how we can help you to solve your problem and make your dream comes true!

10 categories of healthy building / house.

Maybe you always asking what kind of healthy building? or what categories that make the healthy building / house?

Here, I will explain 10 categories that describe healthy building / house from my point of view as Interior-Architect: continue read

Ecological based concept.

Ecological based Architecture or Interior Design concept is spread fast around the world among the people in many regions; that’s all because the condition of our earth is in critical “endangered” now. And that all happens because growth of development is faster than what we can control; includes building development. So, many industry tried to introduce many concept that come from ecological based, includes Architecture and Interior Design. continue read

5 step how to efficiency space of your bedroom.

Bedroom is room that really important in every house. It’s a place for you to taking rest, nap, or sleep; and mostly we spend our time inside a house in the bedroom. continue read

5 tips to make a sustainable building.

Before we talks more about how to build the sustainable building. I want to explain little bit what is sustainable building? Based from wikipedia explanation; the sustainable concept is concept that seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space and the ecosystem. Sustainable concept uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the design of the built environment. continue read

10 reason why you should hire architect; not the 3D artist?

Holla, in recent past years architecture and interior design industry already changed. I never drawing with my hand again, even for making simple layout. I just remember how long I trained myself to make straight line. now? I’m not use that kind of skill anymore. Everything use CAD (Computer Aid Design), from simple layout to 3D imaging for client presentation. I just wonder, how many people can learn about the software ability even they didn’t attend the school / college / university to became architect. Many people able learn and use software like 3Ds Max, Sketchup, and etc; and able to producing high quality design or photo-realistic image. continue read

Custom made furniture for small house

Having small house that have problem in room layout or limited interior space sometime make you headache; to pick and choose the right furniture that fit with your space and accommodate the function that you needs. continue read

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